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Ingram Micro said using Bitcoin isn't real business!!! Let them know what you think!!

Ingram Micro said using Bitcoin isn't real business!!! Let them know what you think!! submitted by MemoryDealers to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

The EndChain Project Progress News

The EndChain Project Progress News
The EndChain project is an affordable tracking solution for all markets. The EndChain team is happy to update the community about our most recent news and achievements.

Our team

Our team consists of multiple people from HNA, one of the largest companies in the world. They are also the owner of Ingram Micro (a large logistics company) and multiple airlines. Additionally, we have several technical experts, including those who specialize in AI.

Our advisors

We have advisors in multiple logistics fields including the MD of lalamove, a $1 billion logistics company.

Our patent

We have applied for a US patent to secure our integrated Qbarcode combination. Our patent number can be found on our website. We are extremely positive that the patent will be issued to us as we have done background research on existing patents to ensure a similar one does not exist.

Why is our product necessary

Current solutions for blockchain in the market usually rely on 2 things: NFC chips or manual entry. Both of these are expensive options and exclude low-mid priced items. That is why so many blockchain companies focus on luxury goods such as art, handbags and diamonds. EndChain’s Qbarcode combination can be used at a fraction at a cost. Our API can be integrated with existing manufacturers and legacy systems.

Our product’s benefits

  • It can be easily integrated. Logistics companies and manufacturers have spent million developing their own internal systems. They are not currently willing to completely revamp their systems to support blockchain. EndChain solves this by extracting both the generic barcode and blockchain-specific QR code data at the same time. The barcode data will be used to update legacy systems and the blockchain data will be used to update the blockchain. This makes it easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • Uploading Data Only. During certain times, the average connection to the blockchain can become slow. This can be due to multiple issues such as wi-fi issues or the blockchain becoming congested. When this happens, it becomes difficult to process transactions or download data. This can be detrimental to a logistics or manufacturing company that has daily quotas. Due to the nature of the Qbarcode combination, there is no need to download data, only to upload data. If the blockchain is congested, data will be held locally until the blockchain is less congested. Afterwards, it will be uploaded and the local data will be deleted.
  • Artificial Intelligence. AI will be used to detect abnormalities to fight fraud. Parameters such as: how many times a code was scanned, its location(s), etc, will be used to determine if a code has been copied.
  • Simplified packaging. Packages nowadays can have 2-3 QR codes and multiple barcodes. It becomes troublesome for logistics companies to know which code to scan. By having an EndChain code, it will be very apparent which is the correct code for the logistics/manufacturers to scan.

Our technology

EndChain has hundreds of commits on github. Right now have completed our smart contract and 1st generation of our barcode/QR code generator as well as our dual data extractor. This means that we can create the combination code while still making the QR code readable. Our next steps are to talk to multiple logistics companies to see how to best integrate with them and build our blockchain.
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Is The Bitcoin Store gone forever?

Is The Bitcoin Store ever coming back? I've been waiting a few short days for a lot longer than a few short days.
For those of you who don't know. memorydealers used to run which partnered with Ingram Micro to have a huge selection of electronic items that could be purchased exclusively with bitcoin and prices that were less than Amazon.
submitted by Crypto_Steve to btc [link] [comments] at 23% of their $850'000 target. they will reach their goal in no time! at 23% of their $850'000 target. they will reach their goal in no time! submitted by entreprenr30 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Custom Reporting The Dark Web, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Inside Ingram Micro - A Global Technology Leader The Value of Trust X Alliance Ingram Micro Online - Kosár és fizetés

Ingram Micro Branded Non Branded INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING. All Sections The Following Sections. Price Excl. Tax Product Image Stock MSRP Excluding Tax VPN / SKU . Customized page may take few moments to load. Stock Alert Email Request × Intel Mounting Rail Kit for Server R2000LH/R2000LT P4000M/P4000L/WS ... Im Angebot befinden sich aus dem Warenbestand vom IT-Großhändler Ingram Micro 500.000 Computer- und Elektronikartikel., die allesamt von Ingram Micro, einem IT-Großhändler des. Der Roger Ver, Gründer und Bitcoin-Aktivist, fungiert als Geschäftsführer des Online-Markts; der Markt besteht seit dem Jahr 2000. Sein Ziel ist es, seine Angebote zu weitaus günstigeren ... Ingram Micro uses cookies to improve the usability of our site. By continuing to use this site, you are accepting the use of these cookies. To learn more about our use of cookies and how to set up and control your cookies, please review our Ingram Micro, Ingram Micro Videos Setup Windows virtual desktop in minutes using Nerdio for Azure. 29 April 2020 In this session we will look at implementing WVD using Nerdio for Azure (NFA)/ NFA automates most of the deployment steps and gives us GUI based options for dynamic scaling, image management etc. Duration: 01:01:07 Publisher: Ingram Micro You can watch this video also at the source. Why Bitcoin Should Brush Up on Napster's History. As the mobile payment industry heats up to become a $720 billion-a-year industry within the next three years (according to Gartner) and big name companies vie for consumer and channel partner mindshare (read: wallet share), another contender is gaining traction that has.. Continue. Editor, Author, Ingram Micro. The Ingram Micro Cloud Blog ...

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Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Custom Reporting

Ingram Micro Österreich 55 views. 0:49. lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to ChilledCow 34,348 watching. Live now; Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird - Duration: 15:01. Marshall Ross Thompson ... Omega Resource Group, in partnership with Ingram Micro, are looking for Warehouse Operatives to join their state-of-the-art facility in Daventry, Northamptonshire. We're searching for both part ... Trust X Alliance is Ingram Micro’s premier global community for top-performing solution providers. As a Trust X Alliance member, you will benefit from the pa... The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace automates how to sell the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. The Cloud Marketplace reduces multi-day provisioning into a nearly instantaneous process for ... This short video describes how to create and schedule custom COGS reporting in the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.